Friday, March 27, 2009

How Can You Tell She is in To You.

More of Health Magazine Interview
If you’re physically attracted to a man, you might reach out with open palms or push your hair behind your ear with your palm facing out. That’s a signal to his brain that you’re open to flirting and seduction, Wood says. -Similarly, turning the upper part of your chest toward a person—what Wood calls “the heart window”—and pointing your toes toward someone show openness to being approached, and a desire to connect whether it’s a romantic interest or a potential new friend.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have a group of friends that meets every Thursday night. Over the past three years we have talked about so many things. Each week we bring questions on a slip of paper. We put the slips of paper in the center of the table and someone picks one and answers it and we go around the table and each person answers it. During the "turn" we can ask them questions, but we can't attack their answer. Today I was brainstorming questions for a book someone is writing and I realized that would be great for the group and great questions for you to use to start interesting conversation. Here they are.

In ten years what will I be glad that I did?
In ten years what would I regret not having done?
Do I want children?
What is my legacy?
If I am in a relationship am I being honored and respected?
How have I shown my love today?
What is the mission statement for my life this year?
Is there something I am keeping to myself about some I love that I need to say out loud?
What am a grateful for today?

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Take Away Worry Tools

I am sitting in my office in my peach colored bathrobe responding to a media request. The journalist is asking for things that I do that make me stop worrying about my business and appreciate the richness of my life. Here are my 'Take Away Worry" tools.
Today, I am going to get my hair done, have a casual lunch with a friend, walk the dog and go to dinner and concert with another friend.
Tomorrow I am cooking dinner for a friend who is doing two peoples jobs and therefore working late every night and working weekends all this in order to make sure she keeps her job. Tuesday I a baking a birthday cake ( Baking is hard for me, but strawberry cake is a favorite of my guests) and cooking dinner for a couple one of whom is now, do to a job loss, currently the only income provider for the family. Being with friends is an wonderful "take away worry" tool. Cooking calms me. It’s something I can take from beginning to end with concrete evidence that I can create. And it’s cheap!
Work and writing make me feel wonderful and believe me I a blessed to have great speaking engagements and I am so grateful to be working. I even after all these years I am still filled with this thrill and giddy appreciation every single moment I am in front of an audience. And when I start to worry and I am not speaking I can always write, When I am done writing something, be it an article or a book I feel enormous satisfaction.
And thank goodness for my wonderful friendships and my friends and family and my sweetie. They are all are really funny and we laugh a lot, so in the last month even when a clients cancels a speaking engagement (This something that is happening a lot to speakers who work in the convention industry and for me its happening for the first time in 27 years in business.) I know I can talk with a loved one and be laughing with happiness in minutes. My dog Bo has a tremendous joy for living. I know if I start to worry about the future and what might happen all I need to do is look at him and say, “Walk outside?”and he starts smiling and jumping and wagging his tale and everything is wonderful again. I just realized that all my “take worry away” tools are about being in the present moment, and not borrowing worry from the future. So I think I will stay right here right now, not open my mutual fund statements, not get into conversations about how horrible the economy is and "do and be: rather than worry

Monday, March 09, 2009

Great story ideas for your speeches can come from all sorts of places. I have blogged before that I get great ideas from a media inquiry email that I get several times a day. Media people looking for experts can option into an email listing their needs. Today a journalist from a large magazine was looking for stories of the worst gift you have ever gotten. As soon as I started thinking about it, I was laughing and transported back to Christmases past like a short blond Ebenezer Scrooge. I have received many bad Christmas presents. I am an expert in nonverbal communication and absolutely love to buy the perfect present for my friends each Christmas, but I am sure I have probably given a few funny gifts in my mind to. If you are looking for stories for your speeches start brainstorming best and worst in your life. Best birthday, worst vacation, best boss, worst haircut. Here are the stories and a few of my sister’s stories of worst gifts that I sent to the journalist. Use them to inspire you. In addition, send me your worst gift stories.

Let me start by saying that thank goodness, I have a great fun filled family and good sense of humor and bad gift just means fodder for me for a great story for my next speech. I would say the most embarrassing was a Christmas gift of a 50-dollar gift certificate to Victoria Secret, from my future in-laws!
Worse yet, my fiancé had lied and told them that is what I wanted! The next gift I opened that Christmas a Victoria Secret flimsy nightie from him. We did not get married

Worst gifts, again so many. My 40th Christmas my mother only gift was a set of green feather dusters from Walgreen's because she thought my house was dusty. That same Christmas my sister gave me a set a fiesta dishes and as I opened them she said, “We were saving them to give them to you when you got married, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen so we thought we better give them to you now.”
Close third for the list of worst gift ever after giving wonderful though at times eccentric presents to my cherished nieces and nephews for over 30 years my 25-year-old niece sent me a Trader Joe's grocery bag for Christmas last year. She had sent everyone else in the family homemade soaps and bath salts. I guess that meant she thought I was clean but hungry. I hope it did not mean she saw a future for me as a bag lady.

Ohhh I forgot the year my best friend gave me an ironing board and a full-length mirror. I fear that was hint to press my clothes and look in the mirror before I left the house.

I just got off the phone with my sister and we started laughing so hard as we talked about all the funny gifts our charming, but eccentric mother has given us over the years, The picked over “free gift” makeup my mother got from buying something for herself from Estee Lauder. The wine gift basket she gave my sister and brother in law for their anniversary that was dusty and still had the gift tag with her name on it that someone had given her for her birthday the year before. My sister’s biggest laugh came recalling the year she got married and mom sent her first Christmas gift to her new son in law, the two free giant troll dolls she got as a gift from the bank for opening an account. Robin said her new Husband held up to his ears and said, “Was it the close resemblance that inspired this gift?” She said the most painful gift was the skirt my mother gave my sister one Christmas that was a size 20 skirt. My sister who was in her thirties and had recently worked hard to lose baby weight was a size 12. When my sister held up the skirt my Mom said, “It was such a good buy, and you will grow into it!”

I thought of the Christmas my shy sister got a shocker present. This sister is very conservative, she likes to blend in the background so she only wears blue, white, and tan and mostly lives in T-shirts and blue jeans. She hates bright colors and prissy clothes. One year my mother gave her a huge box of Lilly Pulitzer clothes in hot pink, celadon green, purple and turquoise. The clothes were all print dresses, skirts and tops. My sister was mortified even to try them on and my mom insisted that she alter them for her over Christmas so my sister could wear them right away.

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